Nathalie Weber

Fashion, Graphics and Illustrations


Welcome to my Page!

 I am a Swiss designer in fashion, web-and graphics and illustrations based in Berlin.
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Capsule Collection

Graduate Collection "Feinfühlig" for highly sensitive people. 2019

In collaboration with Statex Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH

"Feinfühlig" pictures by Elena Weinhold
Models: Ricarda Kaiser & Isabelle Winkler
H&M: Melanie Vötter


Rudi Gernreich inspired provocative lingerie collection. 2018

RNUDE Pictures by Wiebke Bosse
Model: Miranda Flores, m4models

Inner Child

 creative identity project. 2017

"Inner Child" pictures by Nina Bühlmann

Model: Jasmin Knecht
H&M: Michelle Hasler


A handwoven project about the african tribe Wodaabe and the different beauty ideals of them and the people in Berlin.

"Wodde" Pictures by Jessica Grossmann
Models: Johnny Smith, 
Alice Revelations & Priscilla fbr
H&M: Rim Zemuye

Bahia Berlin

The white summer dress, 2016

La Vierge de Fer

A tribute to Serge Lutens, 2015

"La Vierge de Fer" Pictures by Nathalie Weber
Model: Alina